Bar Mitzvah Marquee

Seth had arranged with Abacus for him to meet the Abacus team at their HQ in Hertfordshire. Seth came up to meet Mark & Adam in the office to discuss in finer detail all of the moving parts of the event and to ensure at this initial stage we haven’t left any stone unturned.  Seth said it was quite apparent we were the Bar Mitzvah Marquee Experts and his total trust was put upon u.

Seth left Abacus HQ with the upmost confidence with Mark and his team that they would be with the best company responsible for the success of their sons bar mitzvah. He had booked the marquee and the date was arranged.

On Friday, Mark arrived at the farm to meet Seth & Fiona. What a rustic, cool and unique place to have a bar mitzvah! Mark came up with several ideas to where things should go.

Although the event is a religious function – the brief was to make it as fun and entertaining for the children as it could be. The Belsons were worried that the farm couldn’t cope with a function as large as this. With poor power and no toilet facilities they felt this would be the stumbling block that would stop this event from happening here and they’d instead have to have a boring hotel. Mark came up with solutions to ensure that they could still hold Shumley’s bar mitzvah here at the farm.

Fiona was recommended by her event planner to take a look at our website to see if we would be a good fit for them.

Fiona commented on how informative our site was and she would like to know if Mark from Abacus could come and meet her at the farm for an initial visit.


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