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9m x 9m Clear Marquee
Clear Roof Sections

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Can either be configured where the complete marquee roof is transparent or just part of the marquee roof is transparent.  Can have clear walls & gable ends clear too.

LED Fairy lighting installed under these lights is highly recommended.

Transparent roofs are a premium option (in comparison to a standard white roof & lining)

Side walls will need to be rolled up to cool the marquee during summertime events (especially if guests are seated)

See further article about clear roofs in our Knowledge Centre here

9m Marquee Hire
Clear Walls & Gable Ends

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If you are concerned guests will be too hot under transparent roofs - clear walls & gable ends of the marquee with a lined roof gives a contemporary finish and allows lots of natural daylight to come through.

Transparent walls can be rolled up to allow a cool breeze inside the marquee.  These walls are a premium option and are approx £12 per transparent wall.

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Lining Roof Overlays

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In Transparent Roof Marquees

Transparent roofs do not have lining installed on the interior.  This means the roof beams & legs (metal structure) within the marquee is visible.  To reduce the industrial look of a transparent marquee, white lining overlays, swags & leg covers can be installed above to soften the look.

This does also reduce the amount of sun coming in which is useful on very hot days where a clear marquee can get quite warm.

Coloured Lining Overlays

Can be installed over a lined marquee to give the marquee a touch of colour in the roof sections.

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