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Pleated Marquee Linings

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We are one of few marquees that stock white linings which provide a crisp & contemporary feel in comparison to ivory.

Marquee lining instantly transforms your marquee into a beautiful looking venue.  The drapes hide all the metalwork structure and canvass of your marquee.  Recommended for all events.

If you would like window walls the lining is tied back to hide the legs but allows the natural daylight to come through.

Swag colour can also be chosen.   Which can be neutral or a contrasting colour of your choice.  Or for a more modern look swags can be removed (see first image with pink uplighters for this example)

Blackout LED Starlight Lining

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Adding Starlight Lining to the whole of your marquee turns your venue into an awesome nightclub style set up.

Comes with LED lights embedded in the roof.

A partial starlight lining just over the dance floor works very well for weddings & corporate events.

Black walls to complete the dark starlight finish.  White walls added to the blackout starlight lining also works well.

Flat White Lining

More suitable to higher budget Corporate events, a white flat lining provides a contemporary finish to your structure

9m x 24m Ivory Starlight
Ivory LED Starlight Lining

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A very versatile marquee lining which is perfect for weddings, bar mitzvahs and evening parties.

Comes with LED lights embedded in the roof.

If you find the blackout lining is too dark for your event but want something different and contemporary to pleated linings, our ivory starlight lining is the perfect choice for your event.

Ivory Starlight linings are popular for bat & barmitzvahs as this lining suits a seated event for a dinner/lunch but also serves for a more evening party with darker lighting turning it more into a nightclub vibe.

Coloured Lining Overlays

Coloured lining overlays are placed over the neutral coloured lining.  Instantly adding some colour to your marquee, these lining overlays can match the swags too (where the lining walls meets the lining roof).

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