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Marquee Lighting instantly transforms a very plain marquee into an utterly brilliant looking venue instantly.  It creates an atmosphere where your guests know they’re at the right place as soon as they step into your marquee. Let’s see what will work for you…

It’s important to get your marquee lighting right for your event so be sure to get in touch with our team and they will be more than happy to make sure your marquee has the perfect lighting set up for your event.


Lighting Options
LED Uplighting
From £60

LED Uplighters are always our first recommendation for lighting your marquee.  They give your venue instant colour – in any colour you wish.  If your marquee has lining installed up-lighters reflect the lining well from it – they’re a great combination.

They can also change colour in time with the music which are perfect for more livelier parties where there is music and dancing.

LED Uplighters can also be installed inside your home instantly creating a party atmosphere in a living room, kitchen or dining room. This is particularly popular if the marquee is attached to your house – so both areas of your event look consistent.

Lighting Options
Chandelier Lighting

Chandelier Lighting is mostly suited for seated events such as weddings, corporate and family parties.

They come in either a 5-arm or 8-arm size finished in a matt silver.

Lighting Options
LED Fairy Lighting
From £60

Ideal for almost all events - fairy lights are arranged in the ceiling to give you a midnight sky effect twinkling up above your guests’ heads.

Creates a really nice effect and can even be appreciated during daytime events too.

LED Fairy Lighting also works with clear roofs too.

Lighting Options
Nightclub Level Lighting Systems
From £350

Perfect for nightclub themed events to recreate the ultimate nightclub lighting set up.

Nightclub Lighting Pack Includes:

  • LED Moving Head Lighting (over dance floor - sound to light activated)
  • LED Downlight Wash Lights (over dance floor - sound to light activated)
  • Smoke Machine & Remote
  • Additional Set of LED Uplighters
LED Downbar
LED Downlight Wash Bar

Combined with a smoke machine & Remote, the LED Downbar Wash Lights are perfect for music focussed parties where a lot of dancing will take place.

This brings a lot of light onto the dance floor and changes colour in time with the music. A fantastic addition for birthday parties to get a great nightclub feel.

Lighting Options
Outside LED Uplighting
From £15

Outside LED Uplighters can illuminate buildings or trees to create a lovely colourful atmosphere outside.  These tend to work best when the event takes place of an evening where it is dark to get their full effect.

Can be set to a certain colour or changing colour to suit any theme.

Lighting Options
Festoon Lighting
From £75

Festoon Lighting work as fantastic ambient lighting for illuminating outside areas of your venue or garden.  They can be hung on poles to utilise any outside space you have.

For more rustic themed events they can also be installed inside your marquee too.

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