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We can provide small generators for Tea Urns & Lighting all the way up to Super Silenced Diesel Generators for larger events. Larger generators may be required when electrical power sources nearby are not reliable or there simply isn’t any power nearby. Most generators are powered with Diesel and last for 12-16 Hours. They are placed around 20-30 away from the marquee so they cannot be heard and can provide power for the whole event including bands, DJ’s, marquee lighting, caterers, heating and other ancillary equipment.

We provide all cabling and distribution so that’s yet another thing taken care of for you.

Does my Event Require a Generator?
Super Silenced Generator
From £900 inc VAT

Available in 30kVa, 60kVa and 100kVa+ depending on the size of your event.  Able to power your complete event including catering field kitchens.

Ideal for sites where the power source is a distance away or the event requires a lot of power (weddings & larger events)

A backup generator with Automatic Mains Failure can also be installed for large scaled events which automatically kicks in should the main generator fail.

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