Can I Attach a Marquee to my House?

Having the ability to attach a marquee to the back of your house to give you that much-needed space is a fantastic idea for events where the house or venue just isn’t quite large enough.

For home based events, most houses don’t have the space for 30-100 guests, so adding extra room in your garden works perfectly.

By having the marquee butted up to the back of your house so it’s one large open space works perfectly.   Guests don’t have to walk into the outside first, back into the marquee. It also means you may not need a marquee quite so large as you can utilise some of the rooms inside your house too.

For example you may only need a 75 guest capacity marquee, for a 100 guest event as you can utilise your downstairs rooms of your house, therefore making your marquee hire costs cheaper.

Clearspan Marquees mean they are free-standing, so they can be installed up against the back of your house, over a set of doors to allow you to walk from your house into the marquee seamlessly as if it’s just an extension to your home giving you that much-needed space for your party.  See more about clearspan marquees here.

We don’t drill into the house when we say the word “attach”.  If we are installing a marquee on a patio, we use weights to lean the marquee up against the house (or within 2-5cm) to get your marquee installed as close as we possibly can to your house. The marquee will be installed as close as possible to the house. As long as there are no obstructions (such as a wall sticking out, of a soffit that protrudes out, you will be able to have your marquee installed right up to the back of your house.

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Can I attach a marquee to my house? Some houses which have a soffit which protrudes over the doors you would like to come out to, means the marquee will be installed right up to the gutter, rather than the house. This means we will likely install a PVC wrapped carpet on either side of the doors to make the “seal” as airtight as possible. Powerful heating systems will always ensure your marquee will be warm enough no matter how cold it is outside.

If you want a completely airtight & watertight seal, this would require physical connection to your house which requires drilling into your property causing permanent damage.

Can I Attach a Marquee to my House over Bi Fold Doors?

You can also but up a marquee right over a set of bi folding doors. If you would like all of your bi fold doors to open, you will need a marquee size slightly wider than the bi fold doors themselves, otherwise you will only be able to get the bi fold doors partially open.

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Can I attach a marquee my house over bi fold doors? Yes you can! A marquee installed right up to the back of your house makes it feel like you have another room to your house for your event.

If you are unsure how close you can install the marquee up to the back of your house, feel free to Whatsapp us images of your garden/house and we can advise!

Can I Attach a Marquee to my House?
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Can I Attach a Marquee to my House? Clearspan marquees allow you to have your marquee right up against your house allowing you to walk form your house straight into the marquee as if it was another room.

Can I Attach a Marquee to my House in the Winter?

Installing a marquee up against a house during the winter is a very popular choice to save guests from going outside to the main marquee.  As long as the marquee has flooring & lining installed to ensure it’s well insulated; alongside a powerful heating system makes marquee hire an all year round solution.

They can be installed over most doors including French doors, sliding doors, and bifold doors.  Most domestic gazebos aren’t tall enough to reach over most doors, but commercial marquees have enough height to reach over the tallest of bifold doors.

One bit of advice would be is when you are gathering quotes is do your research on marquee company websites to see if they have any specific web pages about attaching marquees to the back of the house, indicating they have enough experience with this.

You need to know the marquee hire company you’re planning on using has the knowledge to install marquees up against a house as it’s a little bit more complex than installing a marquee in the middle of a field.

Getting a marquee butted up to the house to form the best “seal” s possible will be crucial if the weather isn’t on your side.

When researching, see if reviews mention previous customers who’ve had the marquee up against their house, just to make sure whoever you do use has the experience to provide a seamless join between the house and the marquee.  Have a look at any photos they’ve sent, make sure they include past installs that they’ve made to show the marquee linking to the house seamlessly.

Take a look at our previous examples below of previous marquees attached to the house, and if you think this could be a fantastic solution for your event, get in touch with us now for a quote.

Examples of Attaching a Marquee to Your House

Can I Attach a Marquee to my House?  When doing your research see if other companies have plenty of past experience in installing marquees up against buildings.  They are a trickier install in comparison to installing in the middle of a field.  To provide a best an air tight and watertight seal requires an experience and well trained team particularly if your event is in the winter.

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Can I Attach a Marquee to my House?
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Can I Attach a Marquee to my House?

If you’d like to attach a marquee to the back of your house for more space then please get in touch with my team on [email protected] or 01462 262011 now!

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