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My Garden is on Different Levels – Will it still work?

You  won’t imagine where we have installed marquees before!  We’ve had hedges, trees, swimming pools, ponds, and statues inside marquees before.  We have installed marquees over two gardens with fence panels inside, we’ve even set a marquee up 4 storeys high up in Bank, in London for a corporate client!

Because we install over 400 marquee a year – we’re super experienced in dealing with trickier spaces.  We love challenges and we’re often the only company that would take on such tricky spaces.

Modern clearspan marquees are quite flexible and can adapt to various terrains and heights if need be.

Some gardens are of different levels and the marquee will need to try and accommodate this.

Generally if the height difference is less than 18” (45cm) then the marquee can span over the heigh differences thanks to having extendable legs. 

Making an Artificial Floor – To Level Ground

image 22If the height drop is less than 12″ and you REALLY don’t want a difference in height inside the marquee we can build the lower up in height until we articially riase it to the top level.  This is what we achieved in the below images.  The shot shows the patio with a raised floor.  Using our flooring sstem we raised the lower floor until it was a perfect flat surface.

The height difference between the lowrr grass and patio was over 12″.  Our client wanted the floor perfectly level inside so there was no step.

What Step?!  Flooring raised the lower level so the guests had a perfectly smooth floor to walk on!  

Keeping the Step inside the Marquee (Cheaper option!)

image 23I would always suggest to never carpet over the step, but to make it visible for your guests.  So generally we floor & carpet both levels but leave the face of the step visible so your guests are aware about the drop!  (Most important when it comes to the end of the night and the guests have been at the bar all night)

When there is a 2-4ft Height Difference

If the height difference is more than 18″ we would always suggest to use two marquees and join them together.  It’s far more safe this way and your guests still think they’re in one large marquee.  They are joined together with gutters so even if it rains, everyone stays completely dry.


One Large marquee – guests can see visually there is a massive height drop but are covered by what feels like one large marquee.

You can see by the images here you would think you’re in one large marquee but there’s actually a 4ft height difference in between!

When doing your research it’s important to arrange some site visits by various marquee hire companies that you are interested in.  Each company will have different ideas for you.  Ensure whoever you use has previous images of what they are proposing to you – us you’ll want to ensure the company of choice has experience in what they are proposing to you.

If you’re slightly concerned than your garden or site may cause potential problems then why don’t you pop a couple of photos to 07969 600033 (whatsapp) or [email protected] and I’ll let you know whats possible!

I’m also more than happy to arrange a free site visit 🙂

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