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Many hours of planning, blood, sweat & tears goes into planing your big day.  A lot of decisions have to be made, which vendor to use for each service you require. 

If you are going down the marquee route for your wedding chances are you may need other services such as toilet facilities, power generation, catering, DJ’s and a bar.

Most good marquee hire companies forge links with these such companies to recommend to you.  Even better marquee hire companies actually take the whole organising of the 3rd party suppliers on your behalf as an extra service.

Being transparent here, it is fairly likely you could find your luxury toilet hirer or wedding DJ cheaper if you done enough research yourself.  However you’re most likely going on a whim after googling a company who you haven’t used before, and hoping for the best this company is reputable, reliable and trustworthy.  Will they turn up?  Is their product what they says it is?  

Whats your time worth to you?

There is also the time factor too.  After researching, making enquiries and numerous phone calls & emails later to book whatever you’re trying to find cheaper are you really saving money at all…How much is your time worth during a very intense & mentally demanding part of your life just before your wedding?

If a marquee hire company has a list of suppliers they are willing to work with – these 3rd party vendors have proven to the company they are a professional and suitable fit for your wedding.  To have a sustained level of confidence weeks and days before your wedding is worth its weight in gold.

A great marquee hire company should instill confidence in their ability to provide a successful wedding venue the moment you meet them for a site visit.  Using their extensive knowledge and past experience dealing with weddings – they should offer invaluable advice to get the most out of your venue and the day itself. 

They should be advising on location of the toilets, where power will be coming from, location of furniture & dance floors, where the bar should be, wet weather provisions, lighting requirements etc.  It’s the little details that mount up which makes successful weddings so successful.

Using a marquee hire’s 3rd party vendors brings lots of value to the table.  They end up being your project manager for your wedding.  Something I’m sure most brides would have loved during their planning stages!

It’s all down to you…

Otherwise it’s all down to you.  You’re organising when the marquee hire company is coming in, when the furniture arrives, the toilet man needs to arrive before the marquee but after the generator people deliver the power.  What if one person lets you down in your supply chain and the whole thing grinds to a halt 24 hours before the big day?

All of these suppliers will be calling and emailing you 3 weeks prior to everything and it’s all down to you to sort any niggling issues or timings.  Do you really need this during your most stressful 3 weeks of your life?  (Sorry, I’m not scaring you off getting married but I’m just being honest ha!)

By using a reputable marquee hire company to arrange things like these it takes a massive weight off your shoulders and buys back many hours of time. 

You can still do your due diligence which is something I would recommend – ask the marquee hire company who is actually providing the toilets, generator etc so you can check their reviews etc.  Have a look at the marquee hire companies’ website and see if any testimonials include 3rd party vendors too.

This is one of the biggest recommendations during the wedding planing stage is let your marquee company of choice project manage the wedding to a small extent.  If they’re a good hire company, they will have been responsible for the success of dozens of weddings before and have come across any potential issue before it arises in your wedding.

They should be offering sound advice during the site visit and most likely raise any issues to you before you’ve even thought of them. 

You may think you’re saving money doing everything yourself but looking at the bigger picture you may have thought you’d saved a couple of hundred pounds but is the time organising all of the services and you worrying the week before if they’re all going to turn up worth the cost savings?

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Mark Hammond


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