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A couple of variables depends on how large a marquee you need.   Mainly what your event is.

We need to factor in as well as your guests we may need to fit items such as chairs & tables, dance floors, DJ booths & bars, reception areas, sweet kart areas…the list is endless!

Some events such as weddings have three parts to consider.  You have the dining area for seating, a bar area for drinks and a dancing area for later on into the evening.

How to work out what size is required.

The industry standard amount of area you would give per person to stand is 0.6 square metres.  This will give you an initial indication of size required but without considering space for bars, dance floors etc.

We would allow around 1 square metres for guests who are seated which allows space for chairs and tables too.  See below

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Note:  If you have your guests seated on trestle tables these do take up a little less room than round tables.  So if space is at a premium trestle tables could be a better option for you.

Dancing Area

For an event for 50 guests a 4m x 4m Dance floor would be more than enough.  Events with over 100 may need a dance area of up to 6m x 6m.  We allow a DJ area or space for a band around 3m x 6m so with that combined we will need an area of up to 6m x 9m for the dancing part as well.

Before you go and buy a tape measure to see what you can fit inside your garden take a look at my guide to measuring your garden right here!

For weddings than have limited space we can put some chairs and tables over the dancing area for them to be cleared later on after everybody has eaten and the speeches are finished. 


If you are unsure about anything please give me a call.  I can offer you advice on the phone and if you prefer for me to pop over and measure your garden to see how many guests we can cater for then you can arrange your site visit right here!


Speak soon,


Mark Hammond



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